Defined the route of the Tour of Colombia


The Colombian Cycling Federation has defined the course of editing sixty-three of the Tour of Colombia motion this year is scheduled from 9 to 23 June. This is the most important stage race of our country, which is part of the calendar of the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale.monton cycles

The most significant development this year is that the competition of Ecuador, more precisely in the city of Quito. The Vuelta a Colombia will be characterized by five foreign teams who have been invited by the organizers, have so far confirmed their attendance three teams from Ukraine, Argentina and Ecuador, waiting for confirmation from the other two teams to spice up the international competition as required by the rules of the UCI.pinarello cycling jersey >

After crossing the Ecuador, the Tour of Colombia will be covering most of our country departments: Nario, Cauca, Valle, Quindio, Caldas, Tolima, Cundinamarca, Boyac and Antioquia. The caravan will be present in the major cities of our country as Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Manizales, Popayan, Pasto, Ibagu and others.specialized bike jersey


First-stage Sunday, June 9
Quito-Ibarra 132 km

Second-stage Monday June 10
Ibarra-Ipiales 135 km

-Third stage Tuesday, June 11
Ipiales-Meal 92 km

Fourth stage-Wednesday, June 12
Pasto-El Bordo 164 km

-Fifth stage Thursday, 13 June
Popayan-Cali 132 km

-Sixth Friday, June 14th stage
Buga-Manizales 198 km

Seventh-Saturday, June 15th stage
Manizales, Ibagu 183 km

Eighth-Sunday, June 16th stage
Ibague, Bogota 213 km

Monday, 17th June (day of rest)

Ninth step-Tuesday, June 18
Sopo-Santa Rosa de Viterbo 172 km

Tenth-Wednesday, June 19th stage
Nobsa-Ubat 190 kms

Eleventh-Thursday June 20th stage
Cota-Gold 184 km

Tenth second stage Friday, June 21
Doradal-Medellin 173 km

Tenth third stage Saturday, June 22
Medellin Marinilla-Rionegro-La Ceja-Medellin-Alto St Helena 133 km

Fourteenth Sunday, June 23 stages
CRI Medellin 32 km